About the Journal

“Medicineproblems.uz-Current issues of medical sciences” is a scientific and practical electronic journal, officially registered on March 2, 2023 under No. 066517.

The Journal has been published since 2023.

Publication language:
The Journal is published in Uzbek, Russian and English.

Sections of the Journal:
1) 14.00.00-Medical sciences;
2) 15.00.00 – Pharmaceutical sciences.

Open Access:
Published issues of the journal are open (accessible) and free. Published publications are posted in the archive section of the Medicineproblems.uz website.

Review Policy:
All articles received by the editor are checked in a special anti-plagiarism program and the manuscript of the article is sent for review without indicating the author (blind review).

Publication frequency:
As a rule, the Journal is published monthly. On the recommendation of the editors, additional and special issues of the journal may be published.

The journal is assigned ISSN 3030-3133.

Journal Founder is an official member of Crossref DOI and have the prefix DOI 10.47.390. Each publication and scientific article is assigned an individual Crossref DOI number.